Ministry of Interior: Continuing to Apply All Precautionary Measures Until the End of Ramadan, and a Complete Curfew During the Period from 30 Ramadan until 4 Shawwal

Wednesday 1441/9/20 - 2020/05/13
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Riyadh, May 12, 2020, SPA -- An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that, in implementation of the directive of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the Ministry of Interior in coordination with other relevant authorities to undertake any amendments to the procedures related to the curfew, required by health developments. And based on what the competent health authorities have raised regarding the measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the following was decided:
Regarding the period from the beginning of Thursday, 21 Ramadan 1441AH, corresponding to May 14, 2020, until the end of Friday 29 Ramadan 1441AH corresponding to May 22, 2020:
1. Continuing to allow commercial and economic activities that were excluded from previous decisions and referred to in the royal order issued on 2 Ramadan 1441AH corresponding to April 25, 2020, while stressing the need to implement the adopted precautionary measures.
2. Continuing to allow the movement freely during the day for 8 hours, starting from 9 A.M and ending at 5 P.M, in all cities and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, except for Makkah city, emphasizing the necessity of the commitment of citizens and residents to apply the adopted precautionary measures.
3. Continuing the 24-hour curfew in Makkah city.
4. Continuing to prevent entry and exit from the areas, cities, and neighborhoods for which isolation decisions were issued.
Regarding the period from the beginning of Saturday 30 Ramadan 1441AH corresponding to May 23, 2020, until the end of Wednesday 4 Shawwal 1441AH corresponding to May 27, 2020:
1. Continuing the complete curfew throughout the day in all cities and regions of the Kingdom.
2. Emphasizing the necessity to continue adhering to the measures of social distancing, including preventing gatherings of five or more people, according to Regulation to Limit Gatherings, issued by the Ministry of Interior on 14 Ramadan 1441AH corresponding to May 7, 2020, and classification of violations and penalties imposed against them.
The Ministry of Interior calls on all individuals and entities to fully comply with the approved instructions related to health safety requirements to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and social distancing and avoid any gatherings.
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