PLO Calls on World Countries to Convert Stances Rejecting Israeli Annexation Plan, into Practicality

Thursday 1441/10/5 - 2020/05/28
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Ramallah, May 28, 2020, SPA -- Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Dr. Saeib Uriqat called on the entire world countries to convert their stances rejecting Israeli plan to annex Palestinian territories into a practical action, through creating political realities on the international levels, and to immediately start to take serious actions to prevent realizing that plan.
Uriqat demanded, in statements he made here today, to hold Israeli occupation authorities accountable on their violations contravening the rules of international law, impose sanctions on Israeli occupation, boycotting settlements' products and take all necessary legal measures against companies complicit with the Israeli colonial settlement enterprise, carrying out UN Security Council resolution no. 2334 over all transactions with Israel and recognize the State of Palestine to be established on 1967 border, with Al-Quds (Eastern Jerusalem) as its capital.
He further called for review of current accords with the Israeli occupation government, guarantee non violating articles relating to human rights' respect, warning against going on imposing the enterprise of the Greater Israel, as it would demise the basis of the international system as well as its legitimacy, and would not only jeopardize world peace and security but would also throw the whole region in an endless whirlwind of violence.
-- SPA
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