SPA Camera Monitors Worshippers' Return to Prophet’s Mosque

Sunday 1441/10/8 - 2020/05/31
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Madinah, May 31, 2020, SPA --Saudi Press Agency (SPA) camera monitored today the return of worshippers to perform all prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque within an atmosphere of safety and security after the royal order approved lifting the suspension of the Friday prayer and all other prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque starting from today, Sunday 31 May, 2020.
Worshippers and visitors in the Prophet’s Mosque commended the Royal order to gradually lift the suspension all prayers in the Mosque.
Saudi citizen Hussein Abulrahman said that citizens, residents and Muslims around the world received the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to reopen the Prophet’s Mosque to public with gladness and longing.
Pakistani resident, Amer Redaa, praised all precautionary measures taken in the Mosque, which confirms the keenness of the Saudi leadership on holy sites and the comfort and convenience of citizens and residents.
For his part, the spokesperson for the Agency of General Presidency for the Prophet's Mosque Affair, Jamaan Al-Asiri, stated that based on the royal approval of the gradual opening of the Prophet’s Mosque amid precautionary measures as of today, the agency has adopted a plan that strengthened its precautionary and preventive measures to protect worshipers and visitors from Coronavirus, including limiting the congregation to 40% of the mosque’s capacity at a time and the continued suspension of entry to Al-Rawdah in the Prophet's Mosque.
Al-Asiri indicated that the plan also includes allocating specific doors to worshipers, and placing thermal detection cameras on doors, in addition to removing carpets of the expansions and courtyards, adding the washing and sterilization of grounds of the Prophet’s Mosque will be after each prayer, along with suspending the distribution of Zamzam water containers.
He added that the plan also includes placing lines between rows to achieve the social distance between worshippers
He also stated that Iftar (breaking-fast) in the Mosque has been suspended until now, and the Prophet’s Mosque will be closed after Al-Isha prayer and its opening will be in one hour before Al-Fajr (dawn) prayer. The plan also includes launching awareness campaign to raise awareness on precautionary measures required during the attendance at the Prophet’s Mosque, and cooperating with the Ministry of Health to secure medical teams at the main doors of the Prophet’s Mosque.
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