AlMahrah Governor: Yemenis are waiting for results of Yemen High-level Pledging Event

Monday 1441/10/9 - 2020/06/01
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Aden, June 1, 2020, SPA -- The Governor of the Yemeni Governorate of AlMahrah, Muhammad Ali Yasser, has affirmed that Yemenis are waiting for results of the Yemen High-level Pledging Event 2020, to be organized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in partnership with the United Nations tomorrow, and that it gives them a glimmer of hope in the dark days being experienced in Yemen in all aspects of life.
He praised in a statement the Kingdom’s leadership and people for standing with the Yemeni people in all circumstances, adding that the Kingdom is a pioneer in providing assistance to affected peoples in all countries of the world, especially in Yemen.
He also drew attention to strategic projects that AlMahrah has enjoyed through Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, including the medical and educational city, bearing the name "King Salman Medical and Educational City"
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