Dr. Al Rabeeah Appreciates Kingdom's Hosting of Yemen High-Level Pledging Event 2020 Riyadh 2

Wednesday 1441/10/11 - 2020/06/03
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Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah confirmed that preserving people's lives is the supreme goal of all, noting that the pledges and commitments made are achieving results and will help to continue the humanitarian work and programs on the ground in Yemen.
He stated that the work in Yemen is taking place with more than one organization, even with non-governmental and non-profit organizations, and the targeted goals include children who need food and save the health sector in Yemen with the presence of COVID-19 pandemic.
He said that we hope that these pledges will be placed in the necessary channels in order to reach the programs and those who deserve them through aid, and that hinders and limitations on humanitarian workers will be limited and minimized. The time has come for violators to allow the United Nations and the international community to provide assistance to save people's lives.
On the continuity of providing aid to Yemen until the crisis end, Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to provide support to Yemen and all initiatives and procedures necessary to collect pledges to Yemen. "We started that before the event, and sooner rather than later we will provide this support" he added.
He drew attention to the importance of working towards peace and for everyone to stand firm in support of a political solution, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is doing now.
United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock said that the UN works in all of Yemen's 333 directorates, and has many who work in the humanitarian field there, risking their lives and may lose them, in addition to hundreds of humanitarian workers, confirming their commitment to deliver aid to beneficiaries independently and impartially, indicating that through the use of modern technology they are able to communicate with those who are deserving of assistance throughout the country and the regions most in need, and to communicate with people afterwards to find out if they have received food and medicine directly.
He pointed out that they work according to very important methodologies through which research, support and communication are carried out with all people throughout the country, regardless of whoever works with them, whether it is from international organizations or from NGOs in an independent and impartial manner.
Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah asserted that the financial contributions to Yemen will be protected to ensure that they do not reach the Houthi militias through a monitoring system by a third party, adding that the Kingdom will be frank in expressing these violations if found.
He added that we must be able to make it clear to the Security Council that these violations were taking place from one side or the other, and we must be careful in choosing the executing parties, and that the contracting parties must be credible, pointing out that they are fully aware that there are credible NGOs and able to deliver this aid to those who deserve it, stressing that they will do what must be done to reduce the violations that occurred in Yemen and elsewhere, and that the goal is to prevent these violations and reduce them as much as possible.
Mark Lowcock pointed to the support provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Yemen, which amounted to USD 500 million, expressing his hope to obtain the amounts announced during the event, which amounted to USD 1.350 billion, urging the donors to fulfill their obligations so that the organizations do not close some of their programs due to insufficient funds.
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