Dr. Al Rabeeah Appreciates Kingdom's Hosting of Yemen High-Level Pledging Event 2020 Riyadh 3

Wednesday 1441/10/11 - 2020/06/03
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Dr. Al Rabeeah pointed out that the financial grants announced during the event will implement several projects by the United Nations agencies and international agencies per the prior work plans.
He drew attention to the fact that Saudi Arabia, in addition to what it pledged to Yemen today, had provided financial assistance five years ago, adding that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to support Yemen, including the support to combat coronavirus, and providing medical supplies, in addition to support the healthcare system with supplies that were transferred from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Yemen and same support related to food supplies.
He added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always supported financial pledge events, as it has supported financial pledge event in Syria, Iraq and the Rohingya people, stressing that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is pleased to be part of any financial pledges event as a member of the United Nations and an essential partner when it comes to humanitarian aid.
Mark Lowcock pointed out that the event supports the initiatives presented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by supporting the Central Bank of Yemen to ensure that the Yemeni rial maintains its levels, wishing Yemen to advance and move beyond this stage towards peace, explaining that humanitarian aid provided by the United Nations is not only aiming to provide food for 30 million people, but rather to move forward to get out of this crisis and for people to be able to restore their economy by themselves.
He explained that the pledges announced today are recorded in the websites and in complete transparency if there is a lack of commitment from any country or party, then things will be followed up by everyone, calling for the importance of all countries to help other countries to deal with any disaster.
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