Interior Ministry: Re-imposing Strict Precautions in Jeddah for 2 Weeks from Tomorrow, Saturday

Friday 1441/10/13 - 2020/06/05
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Riyadh, Jun 5, 2020, SPA -- An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that, based on what was announced in the statement published on Monday, May 25, 2020, that all the measures contained therein shall be subject to periodic evaluation and review, to consider extending any stage or not to take strict precautionary measures, as required by health data, and according to the health assessment submitted by the competent health authorities after reviewing the epidemiological situation and the high occupancy rates of the intensive care departments, it was decided to take strict health precautions in the city of Jeddah for two weeks; starting from tomorrow, Saturday, June 6, 2020, until the end of Saturday, June 20, 2020.
The strict precautions to be applied again in Jeddah will be as follows:
- Re-imposing curfew across the city starting from 3:00 pm until 6:00 am.
- Suspending the performance of prayers in mosques.
- Suspending attendance at the workplaces of the ministries, government agencies and private sector's companies.
- Suspending dining in restaurants and cafes.
- Continuing to allow domestic air travel and trains trips.
- Allowing entry and exit of the city during non-curfew hours.
- Preventing any gatherings of more than five people.
- Categories excluded by previous decisions will continue their activities, however in the narrowest extent, and in accordance with the measures and controls set by the concerned authority.
The source stressed the ongoing monitoring of the number of critical cases in the city of Riyadh, which is witnessing a continuous increase during the last days, in preparation for taking the appropriate action in the event that this increase may continue.
The source also pointed out that the current measures applied in the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's cities and governorates therein will continue.
He confirmed that if there is a need to change the mechanism applied for any region, governorate, city or district, the concerned authorities will announce that in due course.
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