Roads, Squares of Jeddah Governorate Witness Public Abidance by Curfew Re-imposition

Saturday 1441/10/14 - 2020/06/06
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Jeddah, Jun 6, 2020, SPA -- Main roads, streets and squares in the Governorate of Jeddah witnessed observance of a new curfew re-imposed from today for 15-day, based on a decision to emphasize medical precautionary measures, in Jeddah, following a medical re-assessment submitted by the pertinent authorities, in light of evaluating the pandemic situation.
The re-imposed curfew timing takes effect from 06 am to 15 pm, but the public, citizens as well as the expatriates, showed high respect towards the curfew, and kept staying at home, to maintain safety and preserve public hygiene, atop of which is to put on the cloth mask, using sanitizers and water and soap handwashing instructions.
On the other hand, security forces are pursuing abidance by the curfew through deploying at crossroads and roaming, while other civil and commercial categories with license to traffic are keeping deliverance of basic needs to the public, up to their houses.
19:57 LOCAL TIME 16:57 GMT