OIC strongly Condemns Houthi Terrorist Militia Launching of 4 Bobby Trapped Drones towards Saudi Arabia

Friday 1441/11/12 - 2020/07/03
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Jeddah, July 3, 2020, SPA -- The Secretariat General of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) expressed strong condemnation here today of the Houthi terrorist militia's launching of four bobby trapped drones towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, however the Coalition Forces (Coalition to Support Legitimacy, in Yemen) have managed to intercept and destroy them.
OIC Secretary General Dr. Yusuf bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen reiterated OIC backing up of the coalition forces' efforts supporting the legitimacy, in Yemen, reasserting complete solidarity and standing along with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in all measures it may takes to confront such a dangerous terrorism.
Al-Othaimeen held Houthi terrorist militia and those backing them from behind, providing them with funds and weapons, accountable for the full responsibility of such terrorist acts.
18:36 LOCAL TIME 15:36 GMT