Border Guard Foils an Attempt to Smuggle Big Quantities of Drugs Across Tabuk Border

Monday 1441/11/15 - 2020/07/06
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Tabuk, July 06, 2020, SPA -- Lieutenant Colonel Misfer bin Ghannam Al-Quraini, official spokesman of Tabuk Border Guard, today unveiled an attempt of smuggling big quantities of drugs including 280,000 tablets of Captagon drugs and 6.809 kilos of Avion into the Kingdom through Tabuk water border.
The trafficker, an Egyptian, was spotted by a border guard duty and caught after crossing the Kingdom’s water border towards the Egyptian side using a diving coat to help him swim the whole distance, Al-Graini said.
He added that the violator is going to face justice.
21:53 LOCAL TIME 18:53 GMT