Joint Incidents Assessment Team issues a statement regarding allegations against Coalition Forces 2 Riyadh

Wednesday 1441/11/17 - 2020/07/08
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In light of that, JIAT found that Coalition Forces did not target (a military vehicle) parked in front of (a restaurant) on (03/01/2018) in (Zabid) directorate of (Al-Hodeidah) governorate as claimed.
A statement issued by the Joint Incident Assessment Team (JIAT) regarding the claim that the Coalition Forces targeted the (Mothalath Ahim) market in (Hajjah) Governorate on (04/07/2015)
With regard to what is stated in:
1. Human Rights Watch report issued in (November 2015), that at (22:00) on (04/07/2015) the Coalition Forces bombed (Mothalath Ahim) market, the air strike destroyed at least (6) buildings, including a 4-storey building, which contains Sanaa restaurant, a store, a hotel, a water truck, and a car in front of the building, Human Rights Watch visited the site on (24/07/2015), and spoke with a number of eyewitnesses, one of whom reported that a few hours ago an air strike hit a gas station, and an hour later an air strike hit a football field, and at the same time a strike hit an vacant building (2) km away, the airstrike on (Mothalath Ahim) resulted in the death of (65) civilians and wounded of (105), attached to the report is a statement of names and ages, of (17) dead and (2) wounded.
2. The statement issued by the Doctors Without Borders organization (MSF) on (07/07/2015), which states that a series of air strikes targeted a crowded market on Saturday evening (04/07/2015), the attack killed (20) people, (9) bodies were recovered the next day from under the rubble, and the attack on the market called (Mothalath Ahim) began at about (8:30) when an air strike hit a gas station, half an hour later another attack targeted the heart of the crowded market and hit two restaurants and a hotel.
3. The report of the (Belling Cat) website issued on (24/04/2019) that on (04/07/2015) an air strike occurred in the center of (Mothalath Ahim) near restaurants and a water truck, and open sources videos indicate a number of civilian casualties.
The JIAT vetted the incident, and reviewed all documents, including procedures and rules of engagement, daily mission schedule, after mission report, video recordings of the mission, satellite images, interviewing and hearing the statements of those concerned, provisions and principles of International Humanitarian Law and its customary rules, and assessment of evidences, JIAT found that the claimed site (Mothalath Ahim) is located (16) km from the international borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and at the time of the military operation was under the control of Al-Houthi armed militia and the former President's forces, and it became a center used by Al-Houthi armed militia and the former president forces to reinforce their forces, in preparation for the implementation of the operation to invade the international borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, civilians have been displaced from the claimed area to other regions due to the intensity of military operations in and out of the site.
(intelligence reports, monitoring and reconnaissance) stated the storage of (a ballistic missile inside a hangar) in a semi-isolated location, (gatherings of Al-Houthi armed militia and the former President's forces, and military vehicles) are at the claimed site (Mothalath Ahim), which is considered to be a legitimate military target, based on Article (52), Paragraph (2) of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions.
The availability of degrees of verification (monitoring, surveillance, and reconnaissance) confirmed the presence of a ballistic missile in (a hangar), and radar transmissions of (SAM2) and (SAM3) missiles were observed near the targeted site, and gatherings and vehicles belonging to Al-Houthi armed militia and elements of the former President's forces, for the purpose of effective participation in military actions, based on rule No. (16) of the customary International Humanitarian Law.
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