Joint Incidents Assessment Team issues a statement regarding allegations against Coalition Forces 4 Riyadh

Wednesday 1441/11/17 - 2020/07/08
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With regard to what was stated in the statement of the United Nations Resident Coordinator and the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen on (11 March 2019), regarding attacks on homes in the (Kushar) directorate that killed (22) people, including (12) children and 10 women, during the previous two days (09-10/03/2019), and what was stated in the seventh report of National Committee to investigate allegations of human rights violations in Yemen for the period from (01/02/2019) to (31/07/2019) that at (5:30) pm on (10/03/2019) A house belonging to the (B.H.) family was bombed in (Talan Village) in the (Kushar) directorate with a missile, killing (10) people and wounding (12) others, the attack also caused terror among the residents and some of them left their homes to the mountain, among the escaping families (A.Z.), which resulted in targeting them with another missile, causing the death of (11) and wounding (6) women and children.
The JIAT vetted the incident, and reviewed all documents, including procedures and rules of engagement, daily mission schedule, after mission report, video recordings of the mission, video recording of the reconnaissance system, satellite images, provisions and principles of International Humanitarian Law and its customary rules, and assessment of evidences, JIAT found that on Saturday (09/03/2019), Al-Houthi armed militia stormed (Jabal Talan) in (Kushar) directorate, and deployed their fighters to control it, and was in direct clashes with the tribes that are loyal to the legitimate government and are supported by the Coalition Forces directly by air support, one of the Coalition Forces units detected a vehicle carrying Al-Houthi armed militia fighters through the reconnaissance system, that was also confirmed by the ground elements, where they got out of that vehicle and entered a building in (Jabal Talan), which is considered to be a legitimate military target that the destruction of it would achieve a military advantage based on Article (52), paragraph (2) of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, and rule No. (8) of the customary International Humanitarian Law.
The availability of degrees of verification through the ground sources of the legitimate forces that (the building) contains elements of Al-Houthi armed militia in (Jabal Talan) in (Kushar) directorate of (Hajjah) governorate, based on the rule No. (16) of the customary international humanitarian law.
The legal protection for civilian objects (the building) lost due to its use by Al-Houthi armed militia effectively to support the military actions, in accordance with Article (52), of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions.
Accordingly, at (10:30) pm Saturday (09/03/2019), the Coalition Forces, at the request of the Yemeni legitimate forces, carried out a mission (air support) on a target consisting of (a building in which members of Al-Houthi armed militia were present) in (Jabal Talan) in (Kushar) directorate of (Hajjah) governorate, using one guided bomb that hit its target.
By reviewing the data related to the claim and analysing the facts, JIAT found that (Kushar) directorate is located in the western part of (Hajjah) governorate, which is a high mountainous area, (Jabal Talan) is an area of clashes between tribes loyal to the legitimate government and Al-Houthi armed militia, the targeted (building) is located within the combat zone, and is about (50) km from the nearest border sign with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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