Joint Incidents Assessment Team issues a statement regarding allegations against Coalition Forces 5 Riyadh

Wednesday 1441/11/17 - 2020/07/08
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The Coalition Forces used one guided bomb that hit its target, and have taken all feasible precautions to avoid accidental loss of or damage to civilian objects, or to reduce them in any event to a minimum, by ensuring that ground sources confirm that no civilians were in the targeted building before targeting, and that no movement of civilians at the target site before and during the targeting, in accordance with Article No. (57) of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, and rule No. (17) of the customary international humanitarian law.
By studying the post-targeting satellite imagery, JIAT found the following:
1. The military target (building) used by Al-Houthi armed militia fighters in claim is located on the top of (Jabal Talan).
2. Traces of an aerial attack on the legitimate military target (the building) used by Al-Houthi armed militia fighter of the claim.
By reviewing the video recording of the targeting JIAT found the following:
1. The targeting was exactly on the military target (building contains Al-Houthi armed militia fighters).
2. The bomb hit on the desired point of impact of the military target (building contains Al-Houthi armed militia fighters).
The video recording of the reconnaissance system showed the following:
1. A group of (Al-Houthi armed militia fighters) were observed moving toward the building until they enter inside it.
2. The bomb hit the military target (building contains Al-Houthi armed militia fighters).
3. A post-targeting photography of the building, which showed no damage to the surrounding buildings.
In light of that, JIAT found that the procedures taken by Coalition Forces, in dealing with the legitimate military target (building contains Al-Houthi armed militia fighters) in (Jabal Talan) in (Kosher) directorate of (Hajjah) governorate, were correct and in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law and its customary rules.
A statement issued by the Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) regarding the claim that (a house) was targeted in (Midi) directorate of (Hajjah) governorate on (22/04/2018)
With regard to what was stated in the note issued on (24/04/2018) by the spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to Yemen, that an air strike was launched by the Coalition Forces around (2:00) pm on Sunday (22/04/2018), in the (Midi) directorate of (Hajjah) governorate, they hit a civilian house, killing all five members of the family, including three children and a woman, our staff members were told that the victims were having lunch inside their house when a missile landed directly on the house in an area called (Al-Haddouriya), family neighbours told UN human rights staff that they had seen fighter planes in the area just before the accident.
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