Marketplaces Begin Receiving First-Fruits of Fresh Dates

Saturday 1441/11/20 - 2020/07/11
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Saih, Saudi Arabia, July 11, 2020, SPA -- Dates' marketplace began here today receiving the first-fruits consignments of fresh dates, which are the virgin yields of date palms plans, at Al-Kharj Oasis, situated at the South of Riyadh city.
Date breeders and planters have already begun harvesting some kinds of dates' virgin fruits, reaping, earlier.
Market's traders expect that the current season would witness a plenty of supplies as great quantities of dates are pouring down into the market, on one hand, and on the backdrop of prices' drop, on the other.
Specialists of the date palms, for their part, stressed that the current season product is distinct in its quality, in Kharj, compared to the previous 5 years, as the this year's crops have gone free of diseases, pests and lesions, reflecting the role of facilities, guidance, techniques and services the branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture provide the planters with, in addition to the planters keenness, abiding by the advises.
Consequently, Kharj date palms production forecast this year is put over 80,000 tons, comprising 35 varieties of dates, including the famously sellable Al-Khalassi, Barhi, and etc.
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