AL Calls for Preserving Libyan People's Resources, Potentials, Oil Infrastructures

Saturday 1441/11/20 - 2020/07/11
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Cairo, July 11, 2020, SPA -- The Secretariat General of the Arab League (AL) welcomed here today Libyan National Oil Corporation announcement of lifting the Force Majeure status and resumption of oil production and export, across the Libyan territories.
In the statement, the AL hailed Libyan, UN and international endeavors exerted, conducive to such an outcome, a fact that facilitated resumption of oil production as well as exporting, for the sake of all Libyans, in a just and transparent ways.
The AL reiterated, in the statement, the call for preserving the Libyan people's resources, potentials and oil infrastructures of the country, leading to getting it out of political and security tugging, contributing to utilizing them to best serve stability and development, for the whole Libyans and pushing efforts to reach a purely patriotic political settlement for the Libyan crisis.
20:10 LOCAL TIME 17:10 GMT