GCC General Secretariat concludes Panel Discussion on Priorities of Government Spending to address Impacts of Corona Pandemic

Monday 1441/11/22 - 2020/07/13
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Riyadh, July 13, 2020, SPA -- The GCC General Secretariat concluded the panel discussion organized on Monday, 13 July 2020, on "Priorities of Government Spending to address the Impacts of the Corona Pandemic".
The meeting discussed the priorities of government spending to address the impacts of the Corona pandemic, foremost of which is the GCC states mechanism to restore aspects government spending to combat the virus and mitigate its spread, and the sectors most affected by the pandemic.
The also reviewed the most prominent governmental initiatives and programs taken by the GCC states to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus on individuals, investors and the private sector. The speakers presented their views and expectations on the economic performance of the GCC states during the rest of this year and the next, in addition to discussing lessons learned from the pandemic with regard to government spending.
This panel discussion is a continuation of the panels organized by the General GCC Secretariat on economic policies and measures taken in the GCC states to mitigate the impacts of the Corona pandemic.
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