Saudi Press: Saudi Arabia Succeeds in Empowering Women in Various Fields

Wednesday 1441/11/24 - 2020/07/15
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Riyadh, July 15, 2020, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues, at local, regional, and international arenas.
Al-Riyadh newspaper reported in its editorial that there is no doubt that Saudi women have made tremendous steps in recent years as they have been able to take over the tasks and responsibilities in various fields.
The paper said that Saudi women's participation in the labor market gives a clear indication that they have proven their efficiency, presence, and abilities.
The paper concluded that this progress made by Saudi women confirms the success of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's strategy in empowering women, providing facilities, removing obstacles and encouraging their employment.
Al-Bilad newspaper said in its editorial that the Ministry of Housing's vision, mission, and goals are based on supporting planning, organizing, and monitoring the sustainability of the real estate supply.
The paper said that the ministry targets to provide housing products at the appropriate price and quality for citizens and to improve the performance of the real estate sector and raising its contribution to the GDP of Saudi Arabia.
The plans and programs of the Ministry of Housing have facilitated and accelerated house ownership among Saudi families with a standard time period and at prices that suit all.
-- SPA
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