MAWANI Handles 29 Million Tons of Cargo in June

Wednesday 1441/11/24 - 2020/07/15
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Riyadh, July 15, 2020, SPA -- The Total tonnage cargo handled in Saudi ports during the month of June 2020 was 29 million tons, an increase of 14%.; and the number of handling containers reached more than 598,000, an increase of 7.34%, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, according to the Saudi Ports Authority ''MAWANI''.
1018 vessels, 2.4 million tons of foodstuffs, 35,000 vehicles, and 387,000 heads of livestock arrived at Saudi ports during the month of June.
It is worth noting that these noticeable increases have been recorded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ports since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID 19. It is an affirmation of the strength of the Saudi economy, supply chains and commercial movement, as well as the quality and effectiveness of performance and business continuity in the Kingdom's ports with full efficiency and competence in light of the economic conditions in the world.
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