In cooperation with 6 Member States in TFTC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Designates Six Prominent Names Who Provided Facilities, Financial Support for ISIL

Wednesday 1441/11/24 - 2020/07/15
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Riyadh, Jul 15, 2020, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC)'s six members jointly designated six targets provide facilitation and financial support to the (ISIL). These targets are (al Haram Exchange, Tawasul Company, and al-Khalidi Exchange, Abd-al-Rahman ‘Ali Husayn al-Ahmad al-Rawi, Nejaat Social Welfare Organization (Nejaat) and its director, Sayed Habib Ahmad Khan).The three money services businesses located in Turkey and Syria have played a vital role in transferring funds to support ISIL leadership and Syria-based ISIS fighters. Abd-al-Rahman ‘Ali Husayn al-Ahmad al-Rawi, is an ISIL senior financial facilitator who was selected by ISIS in 2017. Regarding the exploitation of ISIS affiliates to fund the organization's activities, (Sayed Habib Ahmad Khan) the director of (Nejaat) in Afghanistan has been used it as a cover company to facilitate the transfer of funds and support the activities of ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K).
Since TFTC inception in 2017, it has coordinated five rounds of joint designations against over 60 terrorist individuals and entities spanning the globe. These designations targeted a wide range of terrorist organizations, including ISIS and its affiliates, al-Qa’ida, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Lebanese Hizballah, and the Taliban. Today’s designations further targeting to disrupt ISIS’s funds and undermine it’s ability to conceal its activities and finance its operations through key money services businesses and charities operating under false pretenses. The TFTC will continue to coordinate actions and efforts to disrupt the financing of terrorism, share financial intelligence information, and build the capacity of member states to target activities that pose a threat to the national security of Terrorist Financing Targeting Center members.
Pursuant to the Law of Combating the Crimes of Terrorism and it's Financing issued by a royal Decree No. (M/21) dated 12/2/1439 H, and the implementing mechanisms of the relevant Security Council resolutions, based on the article (75) of the law, and in line with Security Council Resolution No. 1373 (2001). As a result of the national designation today, all assets belonging to the six designated names above are frozen. In addition to, financial institutions, designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs), as well as the legal and natural persons are prohibited from undertaking any direct or indirect transactions with or in favor or on behalf of those designated names.
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