World's Three Hottest Julys Happened in the Last Five Years

Thursday 1441/12/16 - 2020/08/06
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Brussels, Aug 6, 2020, SPA -- Last month was the world's third-hottest July on record, new data show -- the latest milestone in a global warming trend that has seen the three hottest Julys within the last five years, Reuters reported.
With the heat has come a high level of ice melt in the Arctic, where the extent of sea ice last month hit the lowest level for July since the polar satellite record-keeping began four decades ago, according to the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service.
The new findings come as France and Belgium brace for a possible weekend heat wave, while Italian roads near an Alpine glacier were closed amid warnings that high temperatures could cause ice to collapse.
"It's not just a summer thing," said Copernicus senior scientist Freja Vamborg. "It's on a global scale, and all months are warming."
Atmospheric temperature records dating back to the mid-19th century reveal the last five years to be the hottest yet. In terms of records for the month of July, only 2019 and 2016 were warmer than last month.
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