Civil Defense in Jazan: Military projectile launched by terrorist Houthi militia falls on a border village, 5 civilians injured

Sunday 1442/2/3 - 2020/09/20
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Jazan, September 20, 2020, SPA -- The Spokesman for the Civil Defense Directorate in Jazan Region, Colonel Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ghamdi, stated that the directorate received a report about the fall of a military projectile launched by the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia from inside Yemen towards one of the border villages in Al-Harath Governorate in Jazan Region.
Colonel Al-Ghamdi added the fall resulted in damages to a civilian property protected under the international humanitarian law, in addition to damages to three cars. He said that five civilians were lightly injured as a result of flying shrapnel, transferred to a hospital and their health condition is stable.
The procedures adopted in such cases have been immediately implemented, he added.
12:46 LOCAL TIME 09:46 GMT