Saudi Press: Iranian Missile Program Threatens Regional and Global Security

Monday 1442/2/4 - 2020/09/21
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Riyadh, September 21, 2020, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.
Al-Bilad newspaper said in its editorial that the US State Department report highlights the risks of Iranian missile program on the stability of the regional security and global peace, stressing that this program is contradicting United Nations Security Council resolutions and the United Nations Charter.
The newspaper added that US representatives called President Donald Trump to impose and increase pressure and sanctions on Iran by isolating it from the global financial system to blockade its financing of terrorism, as well as putting an end to its conspiratorial project in the region through its revolutionary guard and its terrorist militias found in more than one Arab country.
In light of these risks, the international community still has great responsibilities to protect regional and international peace and security, the newspaper concluded.
In another context, Al-Yaum newspaper reported in its editorial that the efforts exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to address the impacts of the novel Coronavirus pandemic were demonstrated by the sustainability of the commercial, industrial and educational normal cycle.
The newspaper said that the economic impacts of Coronavirus pandemic, which include the global economy, were not able to find a way to affect Saudi Arabia's economic system, which has been strengthened more than ever by its vision's strategies that aims at diversifying sources of income.
The newspaper concluded by emphasizing that Saudi Arabia is becoming more capable for addressing different global issues and crises, as well as playing positive role for maintaining the regional and international stability.
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