Arab Environment Ministers Moments New Effort to Avoid a Potential Environmental Catastrophe from Oil Tanker Safer

Monday 1442/2/4 - 2020/09/21
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Riyadh, Sep 21, 2020, SPA -- The Council of Arab Ministers in charge of environmental affairs has taken a number of decisions to avoid a potential environmental catastrophe, due to the failure to repair the oil tanker Safer, anchored off Ras Issa oil port, in the Red Sea, since 2015.
The council called upon the Arab countries, international community and representative of the United Nations Secretary General, functioning from Yemen, to mount pressure on the Houthi militia to allow the relevant authorities to assess the condition of the tanker, its maintenance and unloading.
This came during the extraordinary emergency meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for environmental affairs, held virtually here today, at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's request, to discuss ways and mechanisms to activate the decision that was taken, during the meetings of the 31st session of the council.
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