Issuance of Approval to Regulate Medical Treatment Requests, abroad

Friday 1442/2/8 - 2020/09/25
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Riyadh, Sep 25, 2020, SPA -- The Ministry of Health has announced approval of the mechanism for the patients, whose medical treatment require travel abroad the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It set forth the conditions required for applicants to travel for treatment at their own expense, abroad, adding that the case shall be among medical conditions that the Supreme Medical Authority recommends to be treated, abroad.
On the other hand, travel for treatment abroad, at the Kingdom's expense, are required to obtain a royal or supreme order, or a decision of the Supreme Medical Authority.
Patients who have obtained approval to travel abroad, in accordance with the aforementioned conditions, are allowed to be accompanied by two persons, maximally, for each, unless the Supreme Medical Authority deem otherwise.
17:02 LOCAL TIME 14:02 GMT