Saudi Press: Large Parts of World Are Witnessing a Second Wave of COVID-19

Saturday 1442/3/7 - 2020/10/24
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Riyadh, October 24, 2020, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.
Al-Bilad newspaper reported in its editorial that a large parts of the world are witnessing a second wave of outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid- 19), as many countries have begun to return to the policy of closure and strict controls.
The paper added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is continuing the comprehensive confrontation through the integrated health system, along with making continuous progress in various cities with high efficiency and accurate data system.
The paper concluded that the Ministry of Health is still confirming in its messages that falling infection numbers and high recovery cases do not mean the end of the pandemic.
11:38 LOCAL TIME 08:38 GMT