Jordan Condemns Continued Publishing Cartoons, Insulting Noble Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him

Saturday 1442/3/7 - 2020/10/24
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Amman, October 24, 2020, SPA -- The Jordanian government has condemned the continuing publishing of the cartoons of the Noble Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, under the pretext of freedom of expression, confirming its support for the statement of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which expresses the position of the Islamic nation in this regard.
Spokesman for the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dhaifallah Al-Fayez affirmed Jordan's condemnation of publishing such cartoons and its deep dissatisfaction with these practices, which represent insult to the feelings of nearly 2 billion Muslims, considering it as a clear targeting of religious symbols, beliefs and sanctities, and a flagrant violation of the principles of respect for others and their beliefs.
14:47 LOCAL TIME 11:47 GMT