Saudi Press: Saudi G20 presidency is characterized by strong planning, initiatives

Tuesday 1442/3/10 - 2020/10/27
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Riyadh, October 27, 2020, SPA -- Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues at local, regional and international arenas.
Al-Yaum and Al-Bilad newspapers reported in their editorials that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's presidency of the G20, which coincided with an exceptional year in challenges posed by the novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), is characterized by strong planning and initiatives that are concerned with ensuring raising of the quality of performance to accommodate the variables of this stage.
The Kingdom launched a number of summits, the latest of which was the virtual B20 Saudi Arabia Summit, with the participation of figures from various business fields, civil society and international institutions in order to discuss the path towards a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future as countries continue to face the repercussions of the pandemic. This comes within the Kingdom's leading of joint international efforts to discuss pressing issues on the G20 agenda, ways to face current challenges, and discuss business and economic future in the Middle East and the world, the papers added.
The papers also said that the B20 summit highlighted the participation of the Saudi business sector at a time when the global economy is facing great challenges due to the pandemic, where the Kingdom called for international efforts in order to address this pandemic. This summit also reflects aspirations of the international global business sector, its interests and demands from governments.
The papers added that ministerial meetings and engagement groups were able to carry out their responsibilities smoothly with the support of the leadership. They also covered topics in several areas, including empowering women, food security, employment, promoting education, caring for the environment and water, combating corruption, accelerating economic recovery and tourism measures, and strengthening international cooperation.
The Kingdom will also host the first International Standards Summit next November on the sidelines of its presidency of the G20, emanating from its global leading position and role in various fields and its emphasis on exerting efforts to achieve the aspirations of peoples in a safe, healthy and prosperous world through the outputs of the leaders summit in Riyadh next month, the papers concluded.
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