EU holds Houthi militia responsible for Safer oil tanker leakage

Wednesday 1442/3/11 - 2020/10/28
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Aden, October 27, 2020, SPA – The European Union (EU) Heads of Mission to Yemen held the Iranian-backed Houthi militia responsible in case of an oil leak from the Safer oil tanker anchored off Ras Isa Port in Al-Hudaydah Governorate.
In a statement today, the ambassadors called on the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to fully co-operate with the UN by allowing the team of experts to have unhindered access to the vessel and without preconditions or delay.
"Unless the UN team is provided unhindered access, Houthis would be accountable in the event of a regional catastrophe", the statement said.
The EU Heads of Mission also call on the parties to adhere to the subsequent expert recommendations of the assessment, emphasizing that it is in the interest of the highly vulnerable Yemeni population that everything is done to prevent a possible catastrophe.
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