Council of Senior Scholars: Muslim Brothers' Group Don't Represent Method of Islam, rather only Follows its Partisan Objectives, Violating our Graceful Religion

Tuesday 1442/3/24 - 2020/11/10
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Riyadh, Nov 10, 2020, SPA -- The Council of Senior Scholars (Ulemas) said in a statement announced here today that the Muslim Brothers' Group is a terrorist group and that it do not represent the method of Islam, rather it (blindly) follows its partisan objectives that are running contrary to the guidance of our graceful religion, while taking religion as a mask to disguise its purposes in order to practice the opposite such as sedition, wreaking havoc, committing violence and terrorism.
Henceforth, the statement added, anything that might affect the close of ranks around the Guardians of Muslim, through dissemination of suspicions, notions or founding groups of pledge-allegiance, organizations or alike, is forbidden, right-out, fairly and squarely, in accordance with the Book (the Holy Quran) and the Sunnah (the Guidance of the Prophet).
Subsequently, we put, namely, atop of such groups the Muslim Brothers' Group, as it is an aberrant and deviating group, based on fighting the Guardians, calling for rebellion against the rulers, wreaking havoc in the states, destabilizing co-existence in the country, as it tend to stigmatized Islamic communities calling them pagan-oriented, the statement elaborated.
Since the very inception of this group, it has never shown any care of Islamic creed, or the domains of knowledge related to the Book or to the Sunnah, for its only goal is to grab the reins of power, it stated.
The statement concluded that the history of this group exposed that it is full of evils and mischief, and that out of its womb, a lot of extremist and terrorist groups have come out, which wreaked havoc in so many territories and affect as much of mankind, a matter that vindicated by the scenes of violence and terrorism crimes, watched all over the world.
Eventually, the council calls on the public to be careful against this group and stay away from joining it or showing sympathy to it, praying to the Al-Mighty to save us against all evil and sedition.
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