IEF Secretary General Condemns Terrorist Attack on Jeddah Fuel Tank

Tuesday 1442/4/9 - 2020/11/24
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Riyadh, Nov 24, 2020, SPA -- International Energy Forum (IEF) Secretary General Joseph McMonigle made a statement today condemning the November 23 terrorist attack on a fuel tank facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
"The November 23 terrorist attack on a fuel tank at the petroleum products distribution terminal in the north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, occurs after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economy and global energy markets has strengthened global solidarity among governments and stakeholders to regain energy market stability and enable a swift and inclusive economic recovery," McMonigle said.
"The IEF joins the global community is condemning such attacks. It also serves as another stark reminder for governments from producing and consuming countries, as well as the global energy sector, of their responsibility to maintain energy security and market stability in evermore complex and densely interconnected world markets", McMonigle added.
"The global economic recovery depends on critical energy infrastructure, including production facilities, refining, transport, and port infrastructure, as well as free and safe passage in sea lanes," McMonigle said.
"Dialogue and collaboration among IEF member countries will strengthen energy security and market stability in new and more dynamic risk environment," McMonigle said.
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