Arab Justice Ministers Council calls for refraining from providing assistance to entities or individuals involved in terrorist acts

Thursday 1442/4/11 - 2020/11/26
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Cairo, Nov 26, 2020, SPA -- Arab Justice Ministers Council called on Arab countries who have not yet endorsed the Arab Agreement to combat money laundering and terror finance to complete the procedure of approving them and submit the convention ratification documents to the Arab league’s secretariat general.
In a meeting concluded here today under the chairmanship of Tunisia, the Council also called on the Arab countries who have already passed the agreement on fighting money laundering and financing of terrorism to provide the Council’s technical secretariat with the procedure each has taken to match its legislation with the provisions of the agreement.
The meeting demanded desisting from providing any kind of explicit or tacit support for entities or individuals involved in terrorist acts. It also urged for rejection of all kinds of blackmailing by terrorist groups including threatening, killing of captives or ransom paying.
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