Online Education Strategic Option, in the Future, not only an Emergency -Al-Sidairi Says

Tuesday 1442/4/16 - 2020/12/01
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Riyadh, Dec 1, 2020, SPA -- The Deputy Minister of Education for the Universities, Research and Innovation Dr. Mohammed Al-Sidairi inaugurated here today the functions of a virtual workshop. organized by King Faisal University, under the motto: Gauging Operational Efficiency, at the University-level Education, under the Coronavirus Pandemic and Means to Corroborate it, in the presence of an array of researchers and specialists.
At the outset, Al-Sidairi reaffirmed the significance of the workshop, in discussing backing up factors to realize the operational efficacy, resulting from the shift to the e-education (remotely administered online education), either because of technical factors or due to academic restructuring.
He also underscored that the online or remotely-administered education is no more an emergency option only related to the ongoing pandemic, rather it is an indispensable strategic alternative, especially, in the future.
Al-Sidairi concluded saying that the Kingdom has provided the world with a distinct model, in the domain of e-education and online remotely-administered education, as it put the human safety, first and foremost, thus it managed to achieve unparalleled world recognized success, at the least of losses, on all socio-economic stages.
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