Arab parliament speaker lauds the contents of the Saudi Egyptian statement rejecting foreign intervention in Arab internal affairs

Wednesday 1442/4/17 - 2020/12/02
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Cairo, Dec 02, 2020, SPA -- Arab parliament speaker Adel bin Abdulrahman Al-Assoumi lauded the contents of the statement issued by the Follow-up and Political Consultation Committee between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in which the two countries confirmed their rejection of regional intervention in Arab internal affairs.
The statement also underscored the importance of the Arab role in solving the region’s crises within the relevant international resolutions and according to the international law.
In a statement today, Al-Assoumi praised the outcomes of this meeting which confirmed the importance of guaranteeing the freedom of navigation in the Arab Gulf, Bab Al-Mandab straight and the Red Sea, particularly amid the continuing threats carried out by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in the southern Red Sea region through planting marine mines and launching booby-trapped boats to threaten the international navigation in this vital region of great importance to the Arab, regional and international trade.
The Arab parliament speaker welcomed the contents of the statement regarding the importance of preserving the sovereignty of Libya, its unity and integration of territories, rejecting foreign intervention in its internal affairs and confirming the support of the Arab parliament for reaching a comprehensive political solution, according to its people’s pure will, to re-build the Libyan State and its united institutions.
He confirmed his organization’s support for the political consultation and coordination mechanism among the Arab countries at the bilateral and collective levels, in contribution to enhance the Arab joint action and protect Arab national security.
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