Official source of Safir company disclosed that they were officially informed that an evaluation and light maintenance team will visit the vessel, denying knowledge of the exact dimension of such mission

Thursday 1442/4/18 - 2020/12/03
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Aden, Dec 03, 2020, SPA – An official source of the Yemeni company of Safir disclosed to the media that they have officially been informed of an intension that an assessment and light maintenance will be carried out on the vessel anchored off the coasts of Yemen, but he stopped short of disclosing the authority which transferred the notification to Safir.
The source, who did not wish to disclose his identity, inquired in a press statement today, about the dimensions and limits of such light maintenance, adding that he doesn’t know whether they have clearly agreed with the Houthis on the nature of the mission or the matter will turn to be a future controversial point before or after the team’s visit.
However, the source cautioned that the tanker is passing a dangerous situation and that danger will persist as long as the crude oil it was carrying remains on board, noting that the only way to evade the danger is to discharge the floating tanker from its contents, otherwise such argument is considered unjustified details, he said.
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