Djibouti Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Denounces Terrorist Attack, targeting Fuel Transporting Ship, in Jeddah

Monday 1442/4/29 - 2020/12/14
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Riyadh, Dec 14, 2020, SPA -- Ambassador of Djibouti to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is also the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Dhiauddin Bamakhramah expressed here today, strong denunciation of the terrorist act that targeted a fuel transporting ship, in Jeddah, considering it not only targeting the Kingdom and its vital facilities, but also targeting the world energy supplies, in addition to the global security and stability, as well
Ambassador Bamakhramah emphasized the Republic of Djibouti solidarity with the fraternal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its right to defend national interests, the security and stability of the region.
19:47 LOCAL TIME 16:47 GMT