Yemeni Minister of Media Warns against Dissemination of Intrusive Khomeini's Brainwashing Rituals, Booby-trapping Kids' Mindsets

Tuesday 1442/6/6 - 2021/01/19
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Aden, Jan 19, 2021, SPA -- The Yemeni Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muaamar Al-Iryani reiterated warning against consequences of Iran-backed Houthi militia's acts on the social fabric, national accord, the values of diversity and sectarian co-existence among the Yemenis.
In a press statement he made to the Yemeni official news agency here today, he pointed to the sectarian indoctrination the Houthi militia conduct, in the areas it control in the context of a plan to distort the Yemeni identity, spread extraneous Khomeini's rituals and drifting the educational process.
They are transferring classrooms into webs to booby-trap children mindsets and plants to produce extremists and terrorists, he added.
The Yemeni minister shed light on the threat posed by feeding a full new generation with terrorist-extremist notions and turning them into time-bombs that would jeopardize security and stability, in Yemen as well as in the region and the world.
Targeting those who are challenging the US designation of the Houthi militia as a terrorist outfit, the minister asked them about their stance towards the systematic destruction of the Yemeni present and future the Houthi commit and their role to stop such practices that pose flagrant violation to millions of children's rights through exploiting and making them cheap offerings to carry out Iranian agenda.
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