KSrelief continues medical services in Al-Khokha directorate, Hodeidah of Yemen

Tuesday 1442/6/6 - 2021/01/19
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Al-Khokha, Yemen, Jan. 19, 2021, SPA -- The nutritional therapeutic emergency clinics, affiliated to Riyadh-based King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSreief), continued distributing medical services in Al-Khokha directorate, Hodeidah governorate of Yemen during last December, it was reported here today.
According to the report, as many as 9480 patients have reported to the integrative care department, 862 to vaccination clinic, 1147 to surgery and dressing, 1143 to enlightenment and education, 18 to the medical referral department, 1327 to reproductive health clinic, 3482 to the inflicted with pandemics, 1022 to the clinical nutrition department, 4764 to the health care department,132 to the delivery department, 23 to the hospital admission department and 65 to blood transfusion department.
As many as 13584 have conducted lab tests and 16994 received relevant medicines, the report said.
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