PIF Governor Inaugurates 4th Edition of Future Investment Initiative

Wednesday 1442/6/14 - 2021/01/27
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Riyadh, Jan. 27, 2021, SPA -- Governor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute Chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan inaugurated at King Abdulaziz International Conference Center here today the 4th edition of Future Investment Initiative conference, under the theme "The Neo-Renaissance", with the participation of more than 140 prominent speakers.
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PIF Governor Inaugurates 4th Edition of Future Investment Initiative 2 Riyadh
On the occasion, the PIF Governor delivered a speech during the opening of the conference, welcoming the participants in the Future Investment Initiative conference in its fourth edition, indicating that the Future Investment Initiative Institute works throughout the year to help bring about change in the world not only to present it but to do and implement it.
He said that the conference and the institute will act as an indicator and manager of the global dialogue on the latest global social and economic issues to start good and realistic measures, especially that the world is changing in an unprecedented way with progress occurring in all sectors, industries and businesses.
He also indicated that the coronavirus pandemic does not distinguish any geographical boundaries, whether strength or the wealth of the state, as the depth of change brings social and economic challenges and various opportunities, requiring a fundamental rethinking of the ways in which economies and societies can work to unite all nations, peoples and companies.
Al-Rumayyan stressed the importance of change, especially with unprecedented opportunities available to re-imagine an economy that better serves humanity, the planet and the global investment community as well as to design strategies that reinvent the renewal of the global economy.
He further said "We see an acceleration in many sectors and businesses, including sustainable investments. Businesses and flexible models are important and products are available. There were no better opportunities for sustainable investment than these days. When we go back to history, we notice that there was a renaissance from the 14th and 15th centuries that led to changes throughout our lives to an extent no one could imagine, setting the foundations and standards for our social and economic culture around the world in the years and centuries that followed."
He stated that the world has witnessed tremendous opportunities to start an era and a stage of renaissance that leads to a new chapter for humanity and the new renaissance.
Al-Rumayyan also pointed out that every individual has an important role to play to contribute to building these new roles and influence humanity in a positive and sustainable way to rethink and imagine global economies as well as define the future scene for humanity, looking forward, through the Future Investment Initiative, to discussions that contribute to providing effective and real measures that include various aspects.
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