KSrelief Signs Cooperation Agreement with Arab Voluntary Union

Thursday 1442/6/15 - 2021/01/28
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Riyadh, January 28, 2021, SPA -- King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has signed a cooperation agreement with Arab Voluntary Union to promote cooperation in several fields.
The agreement was co-signed by KSrelief's Assistant Supervisor General of Planning and Development Dr. Aqeel bin Jamaan Al-Ghamdi and President of the Arab Voluntary Union Hassan Bouhzaa.
Dr. Al-Ghamdi said that according to the agreement, the two sides will work on identifying common goals and coordinating to contribute to community service, raising scientific and professional awareness, as well as cooperating in the training field by exchanging experiences.
KSrelief will benefit from the cadres of the union in activating its volunteer programs, as well as strengthening the partnership in activities and fields of each side, including conferences, workshops, and exhibitions. KSrelief will also benefit from the volunteer database, being established by the Union, according to the agreement.
The agreement is an embodiment of Vision 2030, which has worked on developing relief and humanitarian projects.
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