Yemeni Government Seeks International Condemnation of Houthi Militia’s Looting of Dhafar Museum

Sunday 1442/6/25 - 2021/02/07
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Aden, February 07, 2021, SPA -- The Yemeni government has called on the international community and international organizations, led by UNESCO, to condemn the attack by the terrorist Houthi militia on Dhafar Museum in the central governorate of Ibb.
The Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani has condemned the Houthi militia’s looting of a national museum in the governorate of Ibb, confirming that the looting of Dhafar Museum is but an episode in the terrorist militia’s series of organized looting, trafficking and illegal sale of the country’s manuscripts since the September 2014 coup.
-- SPA
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