Female and Male Citizens Married to Non-Saudis are allowed to travel Directly through Exits, Royal Directives say

Wednesday 1442/7/12 - 2021/02/24
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Riyadh, Feb. 24, 2021, SPA -- In implementation of Royal Directives as regards travel procedures to outside the Kingdom or coming to the country during the current suspension of international flights due to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, the General Directorate of Passports announced today that Saudi women married to non-Saudis are allowed to travel directly through the country's exits, if they are accompanying their husbands or would like to join their husbands abroad, once the the matter is officially verified on the spot.
The same treatment is applicable to Saudis married to non-Saudi wives who happen to be residing outside the Kingdom but were unable to return due to whatever, the authority explained.
In the case that a Saudi citizen cannot provide documents that prove his wife’s presence outside, making it impossible for her to travel to Saudi Arabia, he will have the option to apply for a travel permit through Absher electronic application, attaching all the required documents.
-- SPA
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