18 KSrelief Trucks Cross Al-Wadiah Point to Several Yemeni Governorates

Friday 1442/7/14 - 2021/02/26
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Al-Wadiah Crossing Point, Feb 26, 2021, SPA -- As many as 18 relief trucks of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) crossed Al-Wadiah Crossing Point, during the period from 23 to 24 February, 2021, carrying 16,000 large blankets, 16,000 small blankets, 16,000 large jackets, 16,000 small jackets, 16,000 large sweaters and 16,000 small sweaters, for Marib, Taiz, Al-Dhale, Hadhramaut and Al-Mahrah Governorates, Yemen.
This comes within the relief and humanitarian efforts being provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the KSrelief, to all Yemeni Governorates.
-- SPA
19:15 LOCAL TIME 16:15 GMT