France Strongly Condemns Houthi Militia's Attacks on Saudi Arabia

Tuesday 1442/7/18 - 2021/03/02
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Paris, March 2, 2021, SPA -- France strongly condemned the terrorist Iran-backed Houthi militia's launching of a ballistic missile towards Riyadh city, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and bomb-laden UAVs towards the two Saudi cities of Khamis Mushait and Jizan.
In a statement issued, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs affirmed that such attacks are considered a flagrant violation of international law as they target civilian areas and threaten the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
France called on the terrorist Houthi militia to stop attacks on M'arib governorate in Yemen as they threaten the security of the region, affirming the importance of resuming negotiations to reach a comprehensive political solution in Yemen.
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