Riyadh Light Witnesses Conclusion of External Artworks

Saturday 1442/8/21 - 2021/04/03
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Riyadh, April 03, 2021, SPA -- The activities of Riyadh Light festival, or Noor Riyadh in Arabic, which have been organized for 17 days under the slogan: "Under One Sky" concluded today. The activities included the display of interactive artworks in multiple locations in Riyadh, with participation of 60 leading artists in the field of lighting arts from more than 20 countries.
The festival included a set of real and virtual events and activities including a variety of programs, guided tours and artistic workshops for all segments of society, for more than 300,000 visitors. The festival also provided an opportunity for more than 200 male and female volunteers to take part in its activities.
The exhibition "Light Upon Light" continues to receive its visitors at King Abdullah Financial Center, in addition to continuing the workshops and dialogues presented by a group of artists and experts in the artistic field until June 12, 2021.
21:55 LOCAL TIME 18:55 GMT