No Report Confirming Sight-seeing the Crescent of the Month of Ramadhan, Supreme Court says

Sunday 1442/8/29 - 2021/04/11
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Riyadh, Apr. 11, 2021, SPA -- The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued the following statement this evening:
'Following its announcement, requesting the public to sight-see the crescent of the month of Ramadhan of the Year 1442 H. at today's sunset, the Supreme Court held a meeting this evening of Sunday the 29th of the month of Shaaban, in accordance with Umm Al-Qura Calendar to sort out expected reports from witnesses, but it has received no report confirming the seeing of the crescent, tonight.
Accordingly, the court will hold a session on the evening of tomorrow, Monday, to issue a decision in this regard, to determine the start of Ramadan, Muslims' fasting month'.
20:13 LOCAL TIME 17:13 GMT