Culture Ministry Invites Calligraphers to Take Part in "Cultural Exchange" Survey

Sunday 1442/8/29 - 2021/04/11
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Riyadh, Apr. 11, 2021, SPA -- The Ministry of Culture invites all Arabic calligraphers to participate in the "Cultural Exchange" questionnaire, launched today, via the link:
The survey comes as part of the Art Residency program for Arabic calligraphy, which falls under the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy 2020-2021" initiative.
The "Cultural Exchange" survey highlights the ministry's efforts to develop capabilities of calligraphers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with international institutes specializing in Arabic calligraphy, through the exchange of cultural experiences and offering Saudi artists the opportunity to enrol in international calligraphy courses.
This is in addition to inviting some of the world's greatest calligraphy masters to train local calligraphers, enabling them to obtain an ijaza, as well as providing Saudi artists the opportunity to exhibit their works internationally, thus increasing the international community's awareness of the work of Saudi calligraphers.
The Ministry of Culture launched the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy" initiative, which comes under the Quality of Life Program, one of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs, to celebrate a pillar of the Arab cultural identity as a fine art with a history spanning as far back as the Arab civilization, and to enhance the presence of Arabic calligraphy in society through various initiatives and those implemented in partnership with the government and private entities.
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