Two Holy Mosques Affairs General Presidency Allocates 18 Paths for Tawaf Performance

Wednesday 1442/9/2 - 2021/04/14
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Makkah, April 14 ,2021 , SPA -- The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque has allocated 18 paths for the performance of Tawaf (circumambulation), where signs of the Tawaf paths and stickers of physical distancing were placed throughout the courtyard of the Mataf, of which there are 14 paths, in addition to four paths provided in the first floor.
The General Presidency also allocated places to perform the prayer after the Tawaf, which can accommodate approximately 2000 worshipers. The first site is in the basement of the Al-Mataf courtyard, and it is sufficient for approximately 500 worshipers. The second prayer site is on the first floor, which is sufficient for about 1500 worshipers. Physical distancing paths were also placed throughout the facilities of the Grand Holy Mosque.
The Director of the General Administration of Crowds Eng. Osama Al-Hujaili explained that the General Presidency is working hard to provide everything that would serve the Holy Mosque and its visitors, and for this it harnesses all its human and material capabilities. It supervises the process of receiving Umrah performers at the yard of the Holy Mosque until the completion of their rituals and return them to the place of their arrival. An integrated plan was set in advance; to preserve the safety of the performers of Umrah and visitors in light of these exceptional circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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