KSrelief Delivers 100 Tons of Dates as Saudi Arabia's Gift to Pakistan

Wednesday 1442/9/2 - 2021/04/14
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Islamabad, April 14, 2021, SPA -- King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) delivered yesterday the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's gift to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which included 100 tons of dates.
On behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Director General of Pakistani Cabinet Division Brig. Tahir Rashid thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this annual gift, which reflects the strong and deep-rooted relations between the two countries.
He praised the pioneering role that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays at the Islamic, regional and global levels.
This gift comes within aid being provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by KSrelief, for various countries and peoples.
16:14 LOCAL TIME 13:14 GMT