Secretary General of Arab League Expresses Deep Concern over Iran's Decision to Enrich Uranium

Thursday 1442/9/3 - 2021/04/15
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Cairo, April 15, 2021, SPA -- Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary General of the Arab League, expressed his deep concern over the Iranian authorities' decision to begin enriching uranium to 60% using advanced centrifuges.
According to the statement issued by the Secretariat General of the Arab League today, Aboul Gheit said that this decision is a dangerous development as it is a clear step towards developing a nuclear weapon. This contributes to increasing doubts about the real goals of the Iranian nuclear program, particularly with no need for highly enriched uranium for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
The Arab League's Secretary General indicated that this unfortunate development comes in the context of continuous violations by Iran of its obligations under the nuclear agreement, which is currently undergoing intense negotiations to revive it, stressing the great importance of not restricting negotiations to the nuclear aspect. He affirmed the importance of reaching an agreement that addresses the concerns of Arab countries regarding Iran's destabilizing policies in the region and its continuous interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.
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