Saudi Arabia Bans Lebanese Vegetables and Fruits from Entering or Transit through Its Territories, as of Next Sunday at 09:00 am

Friday 1442/9/11 - 2021/04/23
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Riyadh, April 23, 2021, SPA -- The Ministry of Interior announced that consignments of Lebanese vegetables and fruits will not be allowed to enter into the Kingdom or transit through its territory, starting Sunday 25/4/2021, at 09:00 am, until the relevant Lebanese authorities provide sufficient and reliable guarantees to take the necessary measures to stop the systematic smuggling operations targeting the Kingdom.
The Ministry said that this decision was taken "based on Saudi Arabia's obligations in accordance with the relevant local regulations and provisions of international conventions related to combating all forms of drug smuggling, and after the Saudi concerned authorities have noticed increased drug smuggling activity targeting the Kingdom from Lebanon or passing through Lebanese territories, using Lebanese products to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom's territory, whether through incoming dispatches to the Kingdom's markets or with the intent to cross over to the neighboring countries, especially in vegetables and fruits consignments.
The ministry added that the ban was also due to the failure of taking practical measures to stop these practices towards the Kingdom, despite the Kingdom’s numerous attempts to urge the concerned Lebanese authorities to do so, and in order to protect the Kingdom's citizens and residents from anything that might affect their safety and security.
In addition, the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, will continue to follow up and monitor other consignments coming from Lebanon and will take decisions accordingly and as needed towards these shipments.
The Ministry affirms that it will continue monitoring everything that would target the security of the Kingdom and the safety of its citizens and residents from the scourge of drugs, whether from Lebanon or from other countries, and will not hesitate to take necessary measures to address such attempts.
16:19 LOCAL TIME 13:19 GMT